Make Black Friday/Cyber Monday Easier with these App Suggestions

It's Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and most are checked out of work at this point – even if they still have to physically attend tomorrow.  You may have your Black Friday itinerary running through your head or mapping out the Cyber Monday deals you want to take advantage of.  Here are some of the highly recommended apps that can help you be extra efficient with you time!


Start by creating your shopping lists.

Here is an app where you can build your shopping list for each person you have in mind: Gift It lets you assign gifts to certain people, track your shopping progress and cross off items as you purchase them.


Then for some shopping strategy:

1. Shopular automatically sends out alerts for coupons and deals when you are in a store or mall (without having to open to app).

2. Zoomingo is a top rated shopping app that displays local sales and offers from over 100 national retailers.

3. PoachIt offers price alerts and touts itself as the “largest coupon-validating database on the internet.” PoachIt found that 80 percent of discount codes are invalid, so it cuts through the clutter and only delivers active codes.

4. Amazon Price Check allows you to scan, type, snap or say a product name when in-store to instantly shop their warehouses and see if you can get a better deal with Amazon.

And of course, don’t forget to use the apps that you probably already have on your phone.

  • Check the weather in case you will be standing outside waiting for the doors to be unlocked.

  • And avoid the traffic so you can get to your destination faster.

Don’t forget to have a warm mug of coffee in your car and some snacks for your early morning/late evening. Best of luck with your holiday shopping!