An Entrepreneur for Life | The 1-2-3 of Making a Snowflake

Background Story

While going through my childhood keepsake box recently, I came across a wonderful reminder that even as a child I had this entrepreneurial spirit! I found the newspaper clipping with a photo of my brothers and I at the local Lion’s Club Breakfast and Holiday Craft Fair selling our handmade snowflakes along with a rough “business plan” for A&E SNOWFLAKE COMPANY (sorry to Jake who didn’t ever make management level).

This project lasted a few years. We learned some key aspects of running a business and working together as a team.  It surely wasn’t the “get rich quick plan,” but we did earn some extra spending cash along the way.

The 1-2-3 of Making a Snowflake

These are great decorations for winter and can be a fun kid project to give as a gift for Grandparents and Godparents.

Step 1: Collect your “Ingredients”

You will need a can of aerosol snow, a stapler and 14 six-pack rings (buddy up to a soda distributor and you will have a supply for life – thanks Uncle Dick!)


Step 2: Make 14 “Boats”

Next you will create what we called “boats” with each six-pack ring by folding it long way and stapling on each end.


Step 3: Assemble the Snowflake

Now you are ready to assemble your snowflake!  Use 7 boats to make each side of the 3D snowflake.  Staple the center and bottom section of two boats together, then keep adding boats in this way until you connect the first to the seventh boat – giving you the front half of the circular snowflake.  Repeat again to make the second half.  Connect the two halves (rounded side facing out) by stapling each point together.

And for the finishing touch – take outside and spray with fake snow.  It covers up the staples, and turns the translucent six-pack rings to a bright white color! Let it snow!