Non-Cliche Valentine Ideas

Non-Cliche Ideas for Couples:

In the blink of an eye, it’s already the beginning of February and just two days from Valentine’s Day! Have you started thinking about doing something special for your significant other; or for the single ladies and gents out there, what you will be doing with your friends? Tired of being like every other couple and do the cliché Valentine’s Day activities like make reservations at a fancy restaurant, get a bouquet of flowers or chocolate? You can still make it a memorable night by doing things outside the box! Here’s a list of ideas that could inspire more ideas!


1. Dinner in Bed or have an indoor picnic

Have a romantic dinner by cooking with each other! Why fight for a reservation in the restaurant with every other couple when you can cook for each other? There are studies that show certain foods increase the libido and bring you to a better mood. Below is a list links to some delicious recipes you can try together!

Fitness Magazine’s Libido Boosting Foods

Inspired Taste’s Date Night Recipes

Food Network’s Menus to Make Together

22 Recipes for Couples


2. Recreate your first date and re-experience how it all began!

Nothing better than reminiscing on your first date, the embarrassing moments, the adorable shy moments, all of it!


3. Give back to the community by volunteering together!

You’ll get to see a different side of your partner.


4. Do something fun and competitive

(ie: paintball, video games, billiard, ping pong) As long as you and your partner are not super competitive, nothing’s better than challenging each other in a flirty way!


5. Invest in some nice massage oil and give each other back massages.

Relax and you’ll forever remember the day you both just enjoyed each other’s companies while loosening up each other’s tensions.


6. Go on a scavenger hunt!

This might take a little bit more work to plan and coordinate together, but for the more adventurous couples, this would be an ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day!  Find tips on how to plan a scavenger hunt here.


7. Build an adult fort and have game night!

Relive your childhood dreams and get creative building an adult fort! Check out these 5 Steps to Building an Epic Fort or a Pinterest board devoted specifically to Fort Building Fun. 

Non-Cliche Ideas for Singles:

1. Treat yourself!

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s always important to treat yourself and make sure you’re a healthy individual. Since you don’t have to treat your significant other and shower them with gifts or take them out to a fancy dinner, why not treat yourself to a new tech gadget or an outfit you’ve been wanting or even a spa day?!


2. Get out of town!

This is one of the few opportune times to travel, if time and budget allows. Visit friends you haven’t seen in a while or travel somewhere new alone to explore.


3. Devote time to a neglected friend!

Have you been extremely busy with work, life or other things and have friends you haven’t seen in a while? Go catch up! Make a fun date or just plan out a dinner to catch up on missed times!


4. Plan a party with your single friends!

Time to play catch up and see your other friends who are also going through Valentine’s Day alone! Make it a theme party or a fondue party. There’s more than enough chocolate to go around!


5. Shoot some rounds.

This might not be suitable for everyone, but for those who want a little bit more “action”, why not pay a trip to the shooting range? It could be a great way to loosen up some frustration or even just to work on your aim!


6. Take a cooking class.

Nothing better than going to classes or going out to meet some new friends. And who knows if this friend will turn into something special for next year?!