Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Sometimes it can be hard to make a Bridal shower seem special when you are at that age of all your friends getting married – and it seems like one invitation after another.  The typical “Join us for a Bridal Shower” invitation with an image of a cartoon bride can start to get old.  That’s why we’ve come up with some fabulous ideas to spice up your invitation.  As a host, this is a great opportunity to get creative and generate some anticipation around the special celebration.  Your invitation can even set the theme for your event and help generate more ideas for fun party décor.  Get ready to see smiles on your friend’s faces and receive a lot of compliments for being unique!  Be careful…the bride-to-be will feel so special that she may ask you to host her future parties!

Unique Bridal Shower Themes:

1. Shower the Bride to Be with Love

This is a great idea for a Spring bridal shower.  Your invitation could have an umbrella with heart –shaped rain falling under it for a romantic touch.  It would be really pretty to add floating candles to light up the room. Cut out hearts of different sizes and shades of pink and hang them from the ceiling from a fish wire at different lengths to make it look like its really raining hearts!  You can have upside down umbrellas as a center piece and put pretty flowers inside.

2. Cinco de Mayo Themed Shower

If you are hosting a shower around the beginning of May, why not have a fiesta?  Your guests will love tequila cocktails such as mango margaritas or delicious Ruby Partidas (grapefruit juice, Cointreau and fresh squeezed lemon.)  For an unforgettable invitation, decorate it with papel picado (Spanish for perforated paper) which is a traditional Mexican folk art garland! You carry the same look into your party décor using the papel picado garland and Piñata accents using bright colored tissue paper to decorate anything from napkin holders to the bowls that hold the guacamole!  The only other tools you need are scissors and a hot glue gun.  All you need to do is cut several pieces of fringe in each color and lay them on top of each other to get that cool Piñata effect.  You can even Piñata a guest book so friends can write memories or words of encouragement to the bride to be.  She will absolutely love it!


3. Confetti Themed Bridal Shower

Who doesn’t love confetti?  It’s just one of those simple things that makes people happy.  A confetti themed Bridal shower is great for any celebration, especially when it’s a couples shower.  Try filling the envelope that holds your invitation with a little confetti for a fun surprise!  If the shower is near a holiday, you could use confetti themed for that holiday- for example If the shower is during Valentines Day, try sprinkling heart shaped confetti along the tables.  Or, circular confetti with the colors of the season is always pretty and simple.  Try greens, pinks and yellows for spring or blues and whites for winter.  You could have jumbo confetti balloons to decorate the party and of course confetti flavored cupcakes!

4. Bridal Shower Complimenting Wedding Design

The bride-to-be is sure to love a shower complimenting the design of her wedding; after all, she picked it!  To make it really special, you can send along with the invitation a piece that guests complete and send back with their RSVP.  Compile those into a memory book and the bride will not be able to stop smiling when you give it to her at the shower.  Try asking questions such as, what is your favorite memory with the bride?  What is your favorite thing about her?  Maybe help her avoid cold feet by asking people to say what they love about her and her fiancé as a couple.  Give your guests the opportunity to send in their favorite pictures for an extra special touch.

We’ve included photo examples of invitations from each of these unique themed wedding showers.  Paper Pleasers could help you with creative invitations for the next shower you are hosting!  Contact Ellen directly by emailing