2014 Summer Bucket List

Being that this is the first week of summer, I’ve been inspired to put together a 2014 Summer Bucket List.  This summer will be much different than any summer I’ve ever had – a new kind of busy – a new kind of fun.  My days are sprinkled with baby kisses and snuggles and productive work during naps and sleeping hours.  And work/life balance has a whole new meaning now.  So in an effort to accomplish both progress with my business and many enjoyable family moments, I’ve mapped out a mix of both in my 2014 Summer Bucket List.  Hopefully this might inspire you to also create your own Bucket List!


1. Enjoy a week vacation with my husband and son

To some this may not seem like a bucket list item since it is already scheduled to happen, but I haven’t taken a week off since being a business owner yet.  I hope to get enough work done prior to our trip so I can fully focus on our family time in a stress free state of mind.


2. Become more familiar with my DSLR camera

The camera should not be a paper weight.  It was an investment and I have many great things to photograph – little Stanley, before/after future transformation projects, beautiful stationery suites, and on and on. I will never be a pro, but I just want to be more confident using it.


3. Refinish a new dining room table

A few years ago I transformed an old picnic table into a cool, gray stained dining table with two benches and two complementary end chairs all with chevron patterned cushions.  I love the table, but am ready to pass it on so I can take on the next project.  I have already picked the sleek, straight line, long and slender table with mid-century style dining chairs with upholstered seats.  Can’t wait to share the before and after pics.


4. Further develop my line of note cards for retail shops

Ideas have been brewing here, and I’m ready to start putting some of these ideas to work. I hope to incorporate many new types of designer papers, some artful use of negative space, and maybe some specialty die-cutting and letterpress printing.


5. Become a more experienced Five Hundred player

Five Hundred is a trick-taking card game and an extension of Euchre and Bridge.  We learned from my parents over one of their weekend visits, but need to enjoy playing many more hands of this in good company.


6. Get some more use out of my “new to me” sewing machine

My Grandma Rose was a sewing expert.  She could make quilts in her sleep.  I got one of her sewing machines this last winter and I’ve only pulled it out to sew paper – ironic, right?  Well I have my first project in mind.  I want to sew a crib skirt for Stanley’s crib bringing some royal blue into the mint/gold color scheme.


7. Get some quality family and friend time in

My loved ones keep me grounded, bring me laughs and smiles and inspire me to be the best I can be.  No matter if it’s a meal together, a weekend away or a quick FaceTime chat – I value every second and hope to have many this summer!


8. Hug, kiss and cuddle A LOT! I want to soak up every minute!