About Us! 5 things in a Year


After working together for a year, we thought it would be fun to do a little activity. We tore a piece of paper in half and wrote 5 things that we learned about each other. Turns out theres a lot of little surprising things we’ve learned! Check it out!


5 things about Ellen:


  1. “She’s a die-hard Bachelor fan. #BachelorNation”

  2. “She’s a coffee drinker. Folgers will do.”

  3. “DIY Guru: She’s a real do-it-yourselfer, not afraid of a little sawdust.”

  4. “Whistle while you work: Ellen can be found humming and singing when she’s in the zone” 

  5. “Forget the pepper! Ellen hates it! Weird, right?” 





5 things about Michelle:


  1. “She’s a vegetarian.”

  2. “She has and remembers the most crazy dreams!”

  3. “She has a passion for her community and being an involved/engaged citizen”

  4. “She asks great questions… deep & thought provoking.”

  5. “Loves a great joke- the cheesy, crowd-pleaser type!” 




I’d say they’re some pretty accurate descriptions of each other. It was fun to exchange them at the same time, and is definitely worth doing in another year! Try this activity with some of your own coworkers, friends, or partner! I bet you’d be surprised with what people come up with and remember! 



- Ellen + Michelle

- Ellen + Michelle



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