Wedding Registry Guide: The Do's and Dont's of Creating Your Registry



There are many questions newly engaged couples have when it comes to planning a wedding. From traditional wedding customs, to ever-changing trends, there’s a lot of decisions to be considered. One of those decisions that certainly should not to be overlooked, is coming up with a well thought out wedding registry. Getting scan-happy with the store scanner gun may seem like a no-brainer, but there are a few things you should consider before getting carried away. Perhaps you and your partner already have been living together, and feel like you already have your traditional household necessities, or maybe you’re just not sure where to begin. This easy guide is here to break it down for you! From what and where to register, to how much to register for, we’ve got you covered! 


  1. Give Your Guests a Range of Different Priced Gifts to Choose From


Although what your guests spend on a gift can range drastically from one person to the next, the   average guest will spend between $75- $200 for a gift. 25% reported spending over $200, and the other 25% reported spending below $75. Keep in mind that everyone has a different budget to work with so it’s best to select items with a good range of price points to accommodate everyone’s needs. Some guests may want to pair a few smaller items together to create a personalized gift set, or others may want to go in on a gift together to put towards some of the pricier items on your list. Having a registry list with a variety of priced items to choose from, allows your guests to pick out a gift that works for them. 


2. Choose a Variety of Gifts, from Traditional Household Items, to Creative Experience-Based Items


When you’re picking out what to include in your registry, be sure to include a variety of items. Keep a mix of traditional registry items like kitchen-ware, and bedding, as well as some more modern ideas, like concert tickets, cooking classes, or a honeymoon fund. Some guests will be looking for those traditional options, and will most likely pick something out themselves if they don’t see it on your registry. It’s best to list things you would actually want/need rather than receiving something you don’t. Even if you and your spouse-to-be have been living together for awhile and already have your household necessities, it’s a great time to take inventory of what you have, and find items that could use a little upgrade. That chipped, mismatched stack of plates in your cabinet? Yeah, maybe it’s time to let those go in favor for a new matching set. 


But your registry doesn't have to be a long list of kitchen items either, many couples today opt to add gifts that go towards experiences you and your spouse can share as newlyweds. Don’t be shy to ask for some of these fun ideas too! Whether you both are the outdoorsy type, looking for new camping gear, or looking to pick up some new skills together, and want to take a cooking or dancing class together, the possibilities are endless. Your guests will love knowing their gift could go toward a future date night or honeymoon activity for the newlyweds to share together. 


3. Get Selective! Only Pick Items You Know You and Your Partner Will Be Sure to Use and Love


You don’t need to pick out just anything you see. That panini press or funky new gadget at Bed, Bath, and Beyond may seem fun at the time, but in reality many of those appliances just gather dust and take up space in our kitchen cupboards. Instead of registering for things you probably will only use once, consider something you and your partner would undoubtedly use and love. As long as it’s something that both you and your partner can enjoy together, your registry list will be full of things you’ll be thankful to have. 



4. List Enough Items In Your Registry For Each Guest To Have a Few Different Ideas to Pick From


Consider your guest count when registering for your gifts. There should be more options than there are guests. It makes it easier for your guests to pick out items in your registry, especially if they end up picking more than one thing. This is especially true for guests that combine smaller items, or buy gifts not just for the wedding but also for the bridal/couple shower. Even when most of your guests have picked through the items listed on your registry, your last minute shoppers will still find something they can choose from your list that matches their budget. Usually everything isn't bought from the registry either, but that is nothing to worry about. Many stores even offer discounts on the remaining registry items to the newlyweds after their wedding which is all the reason more to have a surplus of registered gift items. 



5. Make it Easy to Shop! Pick a Registry that Allows You to Combine Different Stores into one Place


Find a registry that works for what you and your partner are asking for. Some of our favorites allows you to not only list fun experience gifts, but also consolidate items from multiple stores, so that it’s all in one convenient place. To get you started, these are just a few of some great options out there! 

Blueprint            Honeyfund            Newlywish


Happy Registering!


   Ellen + Michelle

   Ellen + Michelle

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