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The beginning of the year always brings a sense of revision and the past few months we’ve spent changing and developing designs, brainstorming new products (tons of trial and error + remakes) but we are finally proud to announce our new collection for Spring 2018!  

You may have seen new phrases and aesthetic changes in our work at local consignment stores around Milwaukee. We’ve kept our signature designs and looks-- I promise we’ll never let go of our rustic roots-- but with the rise of minimalist and Scandinavian design, we wanted to incorporate some modern aesthetics for those that aren’t on the farmhouse chic train.  You’ll find a bit more black + white, bold contrast, and heartfelt messages that serve as positive reminders. We thought of the words we live by the most, asked for suggestions from our circles and narrowed it down as best we could. 

Another focus and goal for this year was to step into the realm of more functional décor. We are problem solvers and love challenging ourselves with new materials and build processes. Until we have a giant studio, everything in our workspace has to provide some sort of purpose. Take that belief to the rest of your home and in comes intensional decorating. We wanted to create items that were both beautiful to look at but serve a purpose. You’ll notice a variety of ingenuity in the structure of these pieces as well as the materials we use. 

Without further ado, we introduce to you, our Spring 2018 Collection:




Choose A Positive Thought, Good Things Take Time, Always Be Kind, Don’t Let It Get You, Happy Thoughts, The Best Is Yet To Come, Mind/Matter

Inspired by:  We’re glass half full type of people and when we first started talking Spring collection we kept gravitating toward positive phrases/mantras. It’s important to keep your head in the right place – whether you’re riding a high or feeling a low, we all can use positive reminders to keep moving forward. And we believe that there’s no room for negativity in your life.                  



Wander Often, Wonder Always, Escape And Explore, Explore 

Inspired by:  Does it need an explanation? Sometimes when life gets crazy the only thing that keeps us hanging on is that next vacation, trip, or adventure. The experiences you gain, the people you meet - and spend time with away - in new places enriches our lives. We learn and grow from time spent away from home and come back feeling refreshed, creative, humble, and happier. 



In This Together, Always,  Good Night I Love You See You In The Morning,  Humble & Kind, Always Be Kind, Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be, Stay Awhile, Bless This Home,  Welcome, Gather, Love Lives Here, Leaves/Botanical

Inspired by: We love our people: our spouses and our kids, our partners and our friends. We strive to build our circle and we hold it close to our hearts. Your home is a space to reflect your family and we figured all of these designs radiate the love we have for everyone entering. 



Framed Designs using Paper

Favorite Aspect:  The frame drives the design and what goes in it. Since we go thrifting for all of the frames, we never really know what we will have. We design the phrase and laser cut elements to fit a general size or type. We pick the elements that go in the frames depending on the shape,color,  material, and characteristics.

Elements Used:  Reclaimed frames, paper, laser cut birch wood design.

Build Process:  Lightly intricate. We strip the frames from their former glory and start seeing what fits best.  We then pick a paper based on what colors would complement both the laser cut and the frame. Glue down our wood letters and enjoy. Typically 30-45 minutes depending on how many pieces need to be assembled!

Uses:  Enjoyment, gifts, decorating, and reminders of the important things in life. 


 Framed Designs Using Reclaimed Wood

Favorite Aspect:  Reclaimed wood slats. We cut larger boards down to the frame’s size and layer them in. It’s fun because no two are the same and you can make patterns or change the overall color + feel of the design based on what the slats look like.

Elements Used:  Reclaimed frames, reclaimed wood, laser cut birch wood designs.

Build Process:  Moderately intricate. We strip the frames from their former glory and start seeing what fits best.  We then pick wood slats that are cut down for the frame and layer them in. Glue+Stapled into place, we then pick a design that fits with the overall look and glue that down too. Lay a few bricks on top and wait for it all to dry.  Build time start to finish, around 2.5 hours.

Uses:  Enjoyment, gifts,  farmhouse chic decorating.


Reclaimed Wood Designs + Art

Favorite Aspect:  The simplicity of these pieces. We source reclaimed barn wood and cut it down to serve at the “frame” for the design. Each wood sign has character!

Elements Used:  Reclaimed wood, laser cut birch wood designs.

Build Process:  Lightly intricate. We cut down the wood to specific sizes and go from there. Choose a design and wood glue it down.  Each sign takes around an hour to make. 

Uses:  Multi-aesthetic decorating (minimal + rustic spaces), gifts, mother’s day, making your home décor diverse.  



Wall Organizers

Inspired by:  The need to have a spot for messages, keys, mail slot.  Having a specific place to go for notes to write for your family or others in the house. 

Favorite Aspect:Metal grid- LOVE the geometric pattern. We found this tin at Menards and it has a great rigidity to it but can still be molded into a variety of shapes.  The basket has a curved soft edge and the angular pattern complements that. 

Elements Used:Reclaimed barn wood, gold metal tin, birch wood, dry erase paper, dresser knobs.

Build Process:  Very Intricate. Over 15 steps from start to completion and approximately 2 hours to make (if everything goes right!)

Uses: Entryway, mudroom, kitchen organizer, office. Use it for hanging purses or light coats, storing mail or notepads, to-do lists, grocery buys, and love notes to the family. We made two versions to accommodate different spaces.



Tin Shelves-

Inspired by:  We wanted to come up with a simple shelf that still had character. Everything you find in store tends to be pretty basic. When you live in a smaller house, big bookshelfs don’t necessarily fit. Or for renters who can’t hang permanent shelving. 

Favorite Aspect: Engenieering behind the design. We spent weeks trying to figure how to make this and multiple versions before we discovered how the metal must be cut to be durable but not overly complicated to make.

Elements Used: Metal tin, reclaimed wood, apolstry tacks. 

Build Process:   Moderately Intricate. About 8 steps from start to finish and approxiamtely 30 minutes to complete.

Uses: Display picture frames, plants, trinkets, and whatever else fits!



Bud Vase Wall Hanging

Inspired by:  Art in Bloom + Spring. We wanted to incorporate flowers somehow in our designs and loved the idea of single stem accents. 

Favorite Aspect: Combination of fragile glass + rigid wood. The test tubes bring an unconventional twist to vases. Contrast between materials creates enough of a statement with a minimalist design. 

Elements Used: Glass test tubes, reclaimed barn wood, birch wood accents, leather straps, hemp cord,  and apolstry tacks.


Build Process:  Moderately Intricate. Approximately 8 steps to construction. Make time: 30 minutes.

Uses: Hanging + displaying your favorite stems.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more behind the inspiration for our new products, our favorite aspects, and what our build process is like! 

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