Lake Life + Up North Inspiration - Decor for the Cabin or Lake House

If you're a true Midwesterner, you fully understand the meaning of Lake Life and have at least been a weekend warrior stuck in traffic Friday afternoon as everyone in the great state of WI heads north to their cabins. Whether you grew up with a family cabin or were graciously adopted into a family that did, there's a way of life Up North that is different than the daily grind.

Time seems to slow down, the air is fresher, the days are long and the nights are quiet. The sun beats down on our faces reminding us that we should spend more time outdoors and the night sky full of stars makes us realize we don't get away enough.  The Wifi signal is non existent and the water + woods is our entertainment. We teach our kids to be explorers and adventurers and to appreciate time spent with friends and family. It's a way of life that feels far and few between.

Although the majority of those weekends are spent outdoors, we all know the cabin/lake house has a particular feel+vibe. Trinkets from estate sales and antique shops, mismatched furniture, rustic decor, and a whole lot of the outdoors brought inside-- because obviously we need more reminders of how wonderful this place really is!

Inspired by the lake life and the Northwoods, our summer collection is here to remind you of sunny Wisconsin weekends spent on the water and in the woods, cuddled up around the fire with those that you love most. 


We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more behind the inspiration for our new lake life and cabin decor!

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