Fall Collection - Change is a good thing | Paper Pleaser Home Decor WI

Is it just me or does it feel like the start of fall is almost a second “new year”? The freedom of summer calms down, school years begin, the colors change, the weather gets colder, a string of Holidays focused on family kicks off, we prep for winter. It’s a consistent cycle here in the Midwest. It brings change, pulls us back into our roots, and gives us a new found motivation to finish out the year strong.

It’s been a big year of change over at Paper Pleasers. We just celebrated our 7th Anniversary and with it brought a whole new business. In the beginning of the year we knew that decor was shifting to be our main focus and wanted come up with more a more strategic plan to develop the decor side of the brand, and still stay true to our roots. You may have noticed the release of collections over the past year— they’ve been inspired by seasons, figuratively and literally. We’ve drawn from the weather, hobbies, family, job changes, holidays, collaborations, challenges, staying positive, owning a business, passion, and growth.

The fall collection embodies the change we’ve embraced this year. We’ve expanded our brand, developed new products, set more boundaries, moved into a new office space, brought on more team members, collaborated with more small businesses, took on more wholesale, and still keep our families moving forward. We’d be lying if we said it hasn’t been stressful — but change isn’t always viewed as a good thing right away anyways. But that’s what is wonderful about it all — the ebb and flow of seasons, one leads to another and our circle helps us keep moving forward. Each new development in life offers a new perspective and it’s easy to forget that. 

We’ve brought you a few new designs and refreshed some old. Reminders that new seasons are beautiful, change is a good thing, and be happy about the life you are creating. Before you get caught up in the cycle, step back, refresh, and remember what it’s all about. Reflect on what’s changed so far this year and who has experienced it with you. Pour out your gratitude and head into the holiday season with love, open arms and excitement — Just like we embrace fall.

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Happy Fall!