What is the ideal time-frame to begin thinking about my wedding invitations?

Typically 10-12 months before your wedding, we should meet or talk by phone. The duration of any design process will vary depending on the type of project and how quickly we work and communicate together. Please take into consideration that the more time allowed for the creative and review|revision processes will result in ample time to make decisions and changes.

What types of printing methods do you use?

We use a high-end, fine art digital printer in-house for most projects. We have expert engraving, foiling, thermography, and letterpress partners that we use for those specialty printing services.

How are my invitations created?

All of the invitations are custom designed. We may use concepts you liked from example invitations you saw, but the components combined for your invitations will be created from scratch. Once designed, your invitations are assembled and hand-crafted in our studio with the utmost attention to detail and care in craftsmanship.

I see an invitation I love on your website. Can I order that for my event?

Sure! We’d consider that a semi-custom invitation, and a portion of the design fee would be waived.

I want to see and feel the paper but live far away. How can I do that?

That is another perk of including a hard-copy proof in the design process. You will see what your invitations looks like on the actual paper that will be used. If you want additional samples if you are deciding between a few types of paper, we have no problem mailing you a swatch of the actual paper.

Can you print the envelopes for my invitations?

Yes I can! I like to think that the anticipation of your big event starts with the envelope and too often this piece is overlooked. I can print the return address and addressee on each envelope in a matching font and color from the invitation along with a coordinating graphic from the invitation. We ask that you provide an Excel spreadsheet of your guest list as we will print your envelopes exactly as the names appear on that list. I have an excel template and can email it upon request.

What do I need to know when creating and organizing my guest list?

For a formal event such as a wedding, it is important to take the time to follow general etiquette expectations. There are many online resources with this information, or I have compiled a document that may be helpful and can email upon request.

Do you offer a mailing service?

I sure do! If you need me to stuff, stamp and mail your invitations on your behalf I can certainly accommodate that request. The mailing service is $75/100 invitations mailed (client provides mailing & response postage).

I’d like to use a map as one of my inserts. Can you make a custom map?

We sure can! The design of a custom map can be wrapped right into your cost proposal for wedding invitations. But if you are looking for a custom map for your own project, these can be designed for $100.00. You provide the start point and end point and we make the map. If you need to change the route, not a problem, just give us the route you’d like to follow and we can easily adjust the map.

How are invites priced?

There are a few main aspects that affect pricing on invitations. The four major components are format, materials, detailing, and printing method.  To learn more about how the different components of custom invitation affect the price, check out our Pricing Guide.

What are the methods and terms of payment?

For all custom orders, 50% payment and a signed contract will be due when the design phase is complete. The remaining balance is due at pick-up or before the package is shipped.

Payment Methods: We accept personal check, cashier checks, cash, and *credit cards. (*Please note that a 3.0% service charge will apply when payment is made via credit card. Wisconsin residents are subject to 5.6% sales tax.)

What is the refund policy?

Due to customization, stationery items are non-refundable. All stationery items are carefully checked and reviewed for accuracy and quality before shipping or delivery. Paper Pleasers, LLC is not responsible for any errors, typographical or otherwise, resulting from misprinted and incomplete content provided by the client. Mistakes overlooked by the client during the proof process do not render the product defective in any way. We will use information exactly as we receive it. Proofs should be thoroughly examined for design specifications as well as content (i.e. spelling, copy, etc.).

If you have other questions or would like to set up a complimentary consultation, we’d be happy to hear from you! Reach out to us here.

Paper Pleasers, LLC reserves the right to use its designs for advertising and promotional purposes.